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Recommendation Letter from Ken Jamieson of NOAA


Recommendation Letter from Ken Jamieson of NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory.

ONTARIO, CA – To Whom It May Concern,

It’s my pleasure to tell our story and write this letter of recommendation for both National Communications, Inc. and Cybertime Network Services.

My name is Ken Jamieson and I am the Information System Security Officer for the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA.gov), Earth System Research Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division, based out of Boulder Colorado.

We mobilized 30 scientists for a 60 day study of air quality in the Ontario California area.  We leased space and ordered internet services, among other necessary items to do business.

THREE DAYS before we were ready to begin our study, we found out the company we’d contracted with for internet services could not provide the service.

However, they did recommend Michael Bremmer with National Communications (www.nattele.com) as a possible resource.

I immediately called Michael, anxious because we HAD TO HAVE SERVICES INSTALLED within a few days.

He showed up within a few hours of me calling and immediately scheduled services to be installed.  Also, even though this was an emergency, rush job, they charged us exactly what we’d agreed to pay the other company for a nonemergency situation.

Cybertime Network Services came out, installed our high capacity, 10 meg wireless link on the following Monday, so we could begin work.  This was even before they were “officially” approved on our vendor list which would guarantee their payment for services.  They understood the urgency of our situation and worked with us diligently to make sure we were able to do our jobs.

After the installation, we were pleasantly surprised to get a quick call when Cybertime noticed on their monitoring system a possible issue with the connection.  We also appreciated when we were moving out, Cybertime IMMEDIATELY called us because they again noticed on their monitoring that there might be a connection issue.

We’ve never had a company call to advise us of a potential issue and usually, our staff has to make numerous calls to vendors that cannot help or do not take responsibility for the issues.

Ken Jamieson

Information System Security Officer


NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Chemical Sciences Division

325 Broadway R/CSD

Boulder, Colorado  80305

(303) 497-3969

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