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Gallium Lighting and Cybertime Network Communications Merge

Gallium Lighting and Cybertime Network Communications Merge

(Calimesa, Ca) – Gallium Lighting announced today they have completed a merger with Cybertime Network Communications.

Gallium lighting is one of the first lighting companies specializing in commercial LED lighting products.  Cybertime Network Communications is a well known company based in Southern California offering professional microwave network communications and data/internet systems to commercial enterprises as well as municipal, county, state and federal agencies.

There are many benefits to this merger, explains Gordon Campbell, the new CEO of the merged company.  It simply made good sense to bring our collective illumination expertise and communications proficiency together as we are researching and preparing communication and navigation products using visual light communication technology.

Gallium and Cybertime are actively involved in the latest research work in Visual Light Communications and Navigation.  Our newest line of LED lighting systems (planned for release in 2015) will not only offer significant benefits over conventional lighting, in the form of energy and maintenance savings, but the solid state circuitry of LED lighting enables us to overlay new data communications and navigation capabilities as well.

The world is moving rapidly toward a completely mobile universe, with smart phones, tablets, mobile health care apparatus, and many other industry specific wireless devices.  All of which, depend on Radio Frequencies (RF) to connect and share information. Along with this has been an exponential increase in the demand for available radio spectrum—which has already reached the point that competition and congestion in most available radio bands has reached saturation.

Even current usage of radio spectrum for mobile communications poses an increased level of difficulty in places where frequency congestion may hinder the usefulness of critical instruments and devices in Medical, Aviation, and many other industries.  Yet newer, faster data throughput products are being released daily that require even more of this same radio spectrum.  This will only serve to exacerbate the problem.

Visible light offers about 10,000 times more of the electromagnetic spectrum than radio waves.  Hence the congestion that currently exists in the radio frequency spectrum will not be encountered using visual light.  We envision someday in the very near future, smart phones, lap tops, tablets and other devices will be able to communicate just like they do now with Wi-Fi, but using light instead of radio signals.

The simplest way to explain this new technology is to think of the benefits of Wi-Fi networks, but accomplishing it with the light you use to light a room rather than transmitting radio frequencies (RF)—call it Li-Fi as coined by some.  By modulating LED lights off and on (faster than the human eye can detect), we can create a communications network similar to conventional RF Wi-Fi networks—only safer.

A significant concern related to Wi-Fi networks is the ability of hackers to capture the radio signal and crack the encryption code. Since light will not penetrate walls, ceilings, and floors, communications by light becomes very controllable and very secure.

We believe this merger is the first ever of its kind between a communications company and an LED lighting company. It brings the necessary expertise and experience together to introduce the world to a brand new mobile communications technology.

You can learn more about Gallium Lighting at www.galliumlighting.com or Cybertime Network Communications at www.cybertimenetwork.com.

For Release:

Thursday, December 1, 2014

12:24:36 PM

For more information contact:

Gordon Campbell, (909) 795-9559, gcampbell@Cybertimenetwork.com

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